Why Organic?

Why choose organic cotton?
100% Organic Cotton comes from cotton plants that have been grown without any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilisers and pesticides. These chemical fertilisers and pesticides used on non-organic cotton can remain in the cotton, exposing our skin to harmful, toxic chemicals.

Personal and Global Benefits of Organic Cotton
* Organic Cotton feels softer & easier on your skin.
* People with chemical sensitivity and allergies can wear organic cotton safely.
* You are a part of the fight against global warming.
* Organic Cotton farming introduces no chemicals into the environment.
* Organic Cotton farming has a much lower carbon footprint, using less fuel and energy to farm.
* Eco-friendly farming is safer for the workers on cotton plantations, avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals.
* Farmers save money by not having to buy harmful chemicals.
* Long term prevention of pests through beneficial habitat planning.
* Organic cotton uses far less water than intensive irrigated non organic cotton.